Is Your Business Connected?

Are all phases of your business interconnected? Do you waste time and effort moving data from one system to another in order to allow each department to make use of that information?

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Introducing a real-time accounting, operations, and inventory tracking system for retail sales, service and rentals! The system is called "adilas", an acronym for "a ll d ata i s l ive a nd s earchable". This system will implement a seamless connection between all phases of your operations. It is very simple to use, yet incredibly flexible and powerful.

Interactive Map

This is a temporary help file for the interactive map. We will add to it once the actual map is added and it goes live. The existing map is just a graphic with a number of temporary buttons overlaid to show the concept of where we are going.

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What is

1We at have been pioneering the future of operations and accounting since 2001. It wasn’t our original goal to create a new model for doing business or tracking accounting and numbers. We had a problem and needed to come up with a workable solution. Over the years, our vision has been opened and we feel that we are truly pioneering the next generation of business logic and services.

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What’s different?

2Many people over the years have asked us, what do you guys do? Why do you do that? Where are you trying to go? How long does that take? How can you do such and such and others can’t? And what makes you so different? Those are some great questions. The answers vary depending on the time someone is willing to listen. This is somewhat of an inside joke, but sometimes we feel like saying “Did you pack a lunch?”, meaning it can get pretty deep..
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Biggest Strengths

3One of our biggest strengths is helping you get your data into the system. Once in, it becomes part of the big picture. Data coming in usually means some form of “operations” or the day-to-day business that happens. We love this and have a strong focus on helping on the operation side of the equation. We try very hard to follow a logical or linear model in helping you to get your data in and out of the system as quickly and easily as possible.
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Core Concepts

4When we first started, back in 2001, our original goal was inventory tracking. As things progressed, one of our main goals was to figure out a way to help fill the gap or create a “bridge” between operations and accounting. There seemed to be a very large and visible disconnect between what was happening in the field (operations) and what the final output was (accounting and final numbers). In one of our brainstorming meetings, we came up with the analogy of a “zipper”.
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