What is Adilas.com

We at adilas have been pioneering the future of operations and accounting since 2001. It wasn’t our original goal to create a new model for doing business or tracking accounting and numbers. We had a problem and needed to come up with a workable solution. Over the years, our vision has been opened and we feel that we are truly pioneering the next generation of business logic and services. We are calling it “roll call accounting” which is a linear time based model for showing who and what are playing and how they interact. Operations lead the way and each entry becomes an actual physical object that can have different checkpoints, states, and status. The “roll call” comes as part of the function of asking the objects where they were at any given date/time increment or date range. Each state and status of the object is then mapped to either on the fly or as an archived status or value. It is pretty cool!

The words “cloud computing” or “cloud accounting” weren’t even invented when we were cutting our teeth and trying to solve our current business problems. Is it perfect? No, not yet! Are we making great progress and can we see where it needs to go? Absolutely! It has been one of the most fun things that we have been involved with. We could see where we wanted it to go, but did not know how to get there. We have been working with that vision of the future for over a decade now. We wanted to bring the day-to-day operations into a fully intergraded business system or business platform application.

We provide all of the tools to secure, organize, and format your data. This allows you to retrieve, view, and request it when you need it from any computer or device that can access the Internet. It is totally in the clouds and yet totally in your hands. We are available and open for service! We have tons of awesome tightly intergraded interactive tools to help you run your business and see the whole picture. We have many companies who are very happy with how adilas is tracking their inventory and providing them with real-time numbers and accounting. Check out our approach and view this revolutionary business platform in action.