What makes us so different?

Many people over the years have asked us, what do you guys do? Why do you do that? Where are you trying to go? How long does that take? How can you do such and such and others can’t? And what makes you so different? Those are some great questions. The answers vary depending on the time someone is willing to listen.  This is somewhat of an inside joke, but sometimes we feel like saying “Did you pack a lunch?”, meaning it can get pretty deep pretty quick.

To answer plain and simply, we are in the business of tracking people’s data. We are a virtual data portal. The word “data” means different things to different people. The word “adilas” also means different things to different people. To some it may be CRM functionality (Customer Relationship Management). To others it might be inventory, sales and POS information (Point Of Sale). To others it might be ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or backend office functions. To others; general operations tracking, JIT inventory tracking (Just In Time), manufacturing, online expense tracking, business intelligence (BI), paperless office, document management, a CMS (Content Management System), financial data and reports, paperwork, payroll, timecards, scheduling, etc. Because we say we track “data”, we need to be as deep and diverse as the term itself.

Our goal is to help you, as a user or a company, get in, get out, and be happy. Along the way, and depending on what you consider to be data, we try to help show you the whole picture of what is going on. If what we have helps you out, great! If not, that’s ok. We enjoy sharing what we have learned. The adilas.biz business platform is a huge integrated tool set that allows you to play in multiple different areas. It is very scaleable and caters to custom settings and different permission levels. Your use of the system, depends on you and your needs.

The words “system” or “platform” denote more than one piece working together in harmony. A full system allows you to do things that others can’t do, simply because everything may not be there.