Attention Retailers

Introducing a real-time accounting, operations, and inventory tracking system for retail sales, service and rentals! The system is called “adilas”, an acronym for “all data is live and searchable”. This system will help your company make a seamless transition between operations and accounting. It is very simple to use, yet incredibly flexible and powerful.


Options offered by using the adilas system:


  • Internet-based – Open 24/7 which allows you to view all your numbers and inventory from anywhere in the world, even from home.
  • Permission-based – Options for clerks, salespersons, managers, accounting, and admin personnel. Over 100 permissions to choose from.
  • Mixed tickets and invoices – Ability to add general inventory, labor, service, and serialized inventory all on the same ticket.
  • Monies coming in – Know exactly who owes you money (receivables or A/R’s) and the aging and activity on their accounts.
  • Monies going out – Who do you owe money to and when do you need to pay (payables or A/P’s). Options for reimbursements, petty cash, and expense accounts.
  • One click to see your entire inventory – adilas will handle barcodes and any number of inventory items. Each item goes right from inventory into the shopping cart.
  • Your inventory will be online and updated every second – All web inventories will include descriptions, pricing, and photos.
  • Quote all your customers – Ability to e-mail or print out the quote. Convert the quote to an invoice. Track every customer you talk with for a virtual customer/client log.
  • Multi-locations – adilas will handle as many locations, departments, banks, etc. as needed. Very scalable.
  • Payroll – Pay your staff based on hourly, commission, salary or any combination of these.
  • System will track and reward sales staff with proper pay programs.
  • Unlimited invoices, payments, statements, deposits, expenses, check writing, inventory management, purchase orders, serialized units, recipe/builds and much more.
  • Recipe/Builds – Pre-set groups, packages, kits, or processes. One click to add multiple pre-set items to the shopping cart.
  • Upload documents and photos – Scan in all your documentation to be viewed at anytime in the future for a ‘paperless’ office. Simplify your filing.
  • Transition Invoices – Layaways, work in progress, work order tickets, backorders, etc.
  • Built in options for online merchant processing and credit card transactions.
  • Financials – Income statement (P&L) and balance sheet. Know where you stand on the reasons for being in business.
  • Real-Time Numbers – Be able to give your accountant numbers at any time and close out each and every month.
  • Sales Tax Reports – Multiple taxing options per location, per inventory types, or for specific items.
  • Special pricing for all retailers – We can help you save money and run your business better!